Say Hallo to Hearty Meals

Get delicious German food in Egg Harbor City, NJ

When you're craving traditional food that sticks to the ribs, bring your appetite to Egg Harbor Festhaus & Biergarten. We serve German food favorites to Egg Harbor City, NJ, including:

  • Homemade spaetzle
  • Veal, pork and chicken schnitzel
  • Bratwurst, knockwurst and bockwurst
  • Red cabbage and sauerkraut
  • Potato leek soup
  • Onion soup
  • Bavarian pretzels

Our popular Bavarian pretzels are served on banana hangers for added fun. Come to Egg Harbor City, NJ's favorite German restaurant tonight to try our mouthwatering menu.

German favorites in an American setting

German influence on American cuisine has mostly been forgotten with time, but you have your Eastern neighbors to thank for a variety of beloved foods. Dumplings, potato salad, sausages and even Black Forest cake have German origins. Our German food celebrates our heritage and the beginnings of German influence on other cuisines.

Call 609-593-6524 now to find out what we're serving this week.

A few words about wursts...

German-Americans brought a centuries old sausage-making tradition to America with them. Bratwurst (bottom of photo) started in Nuremberg in 1313 and is mostly Pork with Beef. Knockwurst (center) is made from Veal, Pork and fresh Garlic. Weisswurst (top) is made from Veal, Pork and parsley. After much searching and sampling Egg Harbor Festhaus purchases each wurst from a different supplier to ensure they are the best available. We also grill the rolls! Gemutlichkeit!